uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Best Adblocker of 2018

uBlock vs Adblock: Which is the best Adblocker? You might be looking for the detailed comparison of both that which one is the best Adblocker As we all know that while surfing the websites on the Internet we see a lot of advertisements. To get rid of such advertisements we need to use Adblocker on our browser.

But, to be honest these ads are the main source of income for website owners. If you block such ads then there will be no revenue for web owners. However, ads should be limited on a webpage but there are some websites which use more and more ads to generate extra revenue. It makes the user irritating and the user leaves the website immediately.

There are some popup ads, floating ads etc. which makes the user experience worse. That’s why you need an Adblocker to get rid of such advertisements. Once you start looking for the Adblocker then there is various Adblocker in the market. Choosing a right Adblocker from all of these is quite difficult.

There is the two best Adblocker in the market which is uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus. While searching for the Best Adblocker you might have come across both of these. But here occurs the main problem that which one should you use among both of these.

Here, in this article, we are going to do a detailed comparison of uBlock & Adblock Adblocker. If you read this article completely then you will get to know that Which is the best adblocker of 2018 and which one should you use to get rid of irritating ads.

uBlock vs Adblock
uBlock vs Adblock

uBlock vs Adblock

There are some websites also which doesn’t allow adblocker and asks the user to disable the adblocker for surfing the websites. There have been many debates on the Internet regarding the use of Adblocker. Some people are in favor of Adblockers and some oppose the adblockers.

If there would be no ads on the website then how website owners will generate the revenues? This is the right question as it would be difficult to run a website without earning. Adblockers should be used on such websites which shows irritating ads or force the user to popup ads.

What is Adblocker?

what is adblocker
What is Adblocker?

We have already discussed a lot about the adblockers. But here I am going to tell you that what an Adblocker exactly is. You might have seen a lot of advertisements on the websites you visit often. Whenever you download a movie or song then there are the lot of ads which irritates the user.

To get rid of such unwanted advertisements there are adblockers which can be used to block such ads. Once you install the Adblock extension on your browser then there will be no irritating ads. All the ads will be disabled by Adblocker. There are hundreds of Adblockers available you can use any of them to block the ads.

Some mobile browsers have inbuilt adblockers which block the ads. Such as UC Browser has the inbuilt Adblocker which blocks the unwanted ads but there is a drawback also that UC shows the ads of itself which is also irritating.

Should I use Adblocker or Not?

Should I Use Adblocker or not

If you visit multiple websites often where ads are shown then a question might have arisen in your mind that Whether you should use Adblocker or not. Using Adblocker is not a crime. It’s completely up to the user’s choice. But while using the adblocker we should keep in mind that website owners also need to earn the livelihood that’s why they use ads on their website.

There are some websites which don’t support the Adblocker and asks the user to disable the Adblocker then visit the website. If you love to read blogs often then I must recommend you not to use Adblocker as Blog owners use only limited ads which are not irritating.

But if you are a movies lover and loves to download songs online then you are probably in the need of Adblocker. Movies & Songs sites use the most irritating ads such as pop-up ads etc. In such a case you can use the Adblocker to get rid of such ads.

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus Comparison

uBlock vs Adblock Comparison

Here comes the main part of this article for which we are here. After deciding to use the Adblocker you might have come across a lot of Adblocker. Deciding that which is the best Adblocker is not an easy task. But here we have made the things simpler for you. Here we are going to share a detailed comparison between uBlock vs Adblock. 

We have tested both the Adblockers and after using the Adblockers for few days we are going to share this comparison. Different people have different views regarding them. But we have shared all the details deeply which may help you to choose the Best Adblocker of 2018.

Adblock Plus

adblock plus

At first, we are going to talk about the Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus was founded by Vladimir Palant in 2006. It is an open source project. This is a free extension for the Browsers which helps in blocking the annoying ads. You can install it from the Extension Store of your browser.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin was founded in June 2014 by Raymond Hill. It is written in Javascript and completely different from the uBlock.org.

uBlock vs Adblock: Availability

ublock vs adblock availability & popularity

Adblock Plus is much older than the uBlock Origin but in the terms of popularity, both are equally popular for adblocking. However, uBlock was founded 8 years later of Adblock.

But there is a difference between both in the terms of availability as uBlock is available only for PC users of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

While Adblock is available for the Android smartphone users also which differs it from the uBlock. But we should keep in mind that uBlock has gained a lot of popularity in just a short span of time. So, we can say that Adblock is available for more users and wins over the uBlock in terms of Availability.

uBlock vs Adblock: User Interface

ublock vs adblock User Interface

If we talk about the User Interface between both of these then the uBlock have the very easy User Interface which shows the Start & Stop button. Simply click on the Start button to start Adblocker also you can disable the Adblocker for the particular website also.

Adblock has also the two buttons Enable and Disable which can be used to start or stop showing stats. However, Adblock gives you detailed information that how many ads have been blocked for the particular domain. You can share these stats on your Social Media profile also.

So both have the easy User Interface and you will face no difficulties in using these Adblockers. Overall uBlock Origin has quite a good Interface as compared to Adblock plus.

uBlock vs Adblock: Functions & Features

ublock vs adblock features & functions

Here comes the part which tells us about the Functions & Features of both Adblockers. This is the crucial part as everyone loves to have more feature. Here you will get to know detailed features of both Adblockers.

In the Adblock, if you want to block some particular website or domain then you need to add it to the external list. You can customize such list via EasyList and Acceptable Ads list. You can add domains to them as per your requirements.

Now uBlock Origin has many filter syntax for blocking irritating ads. It has the subscription of EasyPrivacy and EasyList which is enabled by default. uBlock Origin doesn’t eat many resources of your browser and a light-weight extension.

In the Adblock Plus, there are some advanced functions which let you disable tracking, block malware domains and social buttons.

So, as per the above statements, it can be stated that uBlock Origin has quite good features and functionality as compared to Adblock Plus. In terms of features, I will recommend you uBlock Origin.

uBlock vs Adblock: Settings

uBlock vs Adblock Settings

While choosing the Adblocker we should also decide that which adblocker has more configuration options. Also, you should keep in mind that uBlock and uBlock Origin both are the different entities. Here we are discussing the uBlock Origin & Adblock Plus.

uBlock Origin has the 6 tabs of settings which can be configured as per your choice. There is a Whitelist option which let you filter the websites where you want to show ads or not. While Adblock has fewer features than uBlock. uBlock is more configurable and has many options.

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Comparison Table

Adblock PlusuBlock Origin
AvailabilityAndroid (Firefox), Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and IEFirefox, Safari, and Chrome
Complete ad blocking (Blocks all ads)NoYes
Default trackingYesNo
Use of ResourceAverageLow

uBlock Origin for Android

uBlock origin for Android

uBlock wins over the Adblock almost in all the terms and another good thing about the uBlock is that it is available for Android users also while Adblock is available only for PC users. If you want to use Adblocker on your Android Smartphone also then uBlock Origin is the perfect choice for you.

You just need to install the Mozilla Firefox browser on your Mobile Phone and install the uBlock Origin for Android as we do on the PC. uBlock will work the same way as it does on the Computer.

Final Verdict:

Now we have discussed all the aspects of the both Adblockers and now it’s the time to decide that which is the best Adblocker. If you take my personal opinion then I will go for the uBlock Origin as it has more configuration, easy user interface, more functionality and lightweight which consumes fewer resources of the browser.

However, Adblock Plus is also good and does the same job as uBlock. Here our main purpose is to block ads than no matter how we block. But if you are confused between both of these then you should go for uBlock Origin. If you are looking for Adblocker to use on your Android Mobile then go for uBlock Origin blindly.

I hope that you liked our complete detailed comparison between uBlock vs Adblock. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind then please do let us know via the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you. Also, please do not forget to share this guide with your friends and on social media platforms. Have a nice day! 🙂